Step 2: Assess whole-school practices

In Step 2 schools examine what is happening to help inform school planning. Friendly Schools Plus recognises schools are implementing many positive whole-school actions to improve students’ social and emotional development and to reduce bullying behaviours. However, school leadership teams often need help mapping strategies currently being implemented against a quality evidence-based framework to determine gaps and possible overlaps Friendly Schools Plus has developed a unique online Screening Tool to help schools determine what whole-school actions they are currently undertaking, and in what areas they need to take further or different action to achieve more positive student outcomes.

The whole-school practice Screening Tool (see Capacity Building Toolkit 1.1), encourages school staff to

  • - broadly assess the balance of health promoting school actions they are providing to students
  • - build and reinforce their social and emotional learning and
  • - reduce bullying behaviour.

A school profile is created based on this staff data identifying the school’s strengths and challenges.

More information can be found in chapter 1, page 57 of the Evidence for Practice text.

Screening Tool Instructions

Screening Tool Tutorial

The Friendly Schools Plus Screening Tool provides schools with a snapshot of their strengths and ‘maps-the-gap’ in their current whole-school practice relating to the promotion of social skills and the prevention and management of bullying behaviours. This tool is designed to be used at Step 2 and Step 7 of the Friendly Schools Plus Whole-School Process.